Private Events

Crafting Station Projects


Succulent Terrariums

Green thumb or not… this class is for you! 

Enjoy this relaxed hands-on workshop where you’ll create a one-of-a-kind terrarium in an open glass bowl to bring the outdoors in. Learn about the necessary ingredients and design for a happy and thriving succulent plant environment. Have fun customizing yours with the plants, sand, pebbles, moss, and other decorative items of your choosing. All necessary supplies provided! These little gardens are super easy to care for and exciting to watch develop over the following months and years.

1 hour workshop with 4.75” glass bowls — $40 per person

1.5 hour workshop with 6” glass bowls — $50 per person



Metal Stamped Keychains

Create a custom stamped metal keychain! Have fun stamping out meaningful names, dates, or your favorite inspiring or snarky sentiment.

1 hour workshop to make 1 piece of glassware — $40 per person

2 hour workshop to make 2 pieces of glassware — $50 per person



Painted Concrete Planters

It’s time to get busy with some paint to jazz up a concrete planter for a modern industrial style piece of functional art. And what would a planter be without a plant? You'll choose from an assortment of adorable succulents to plant inside your new concrete creation.

1 hour workshop to paint 1 planter — $45 per person