Class Pack Voucher- Class Registration

Purchase a class pack and ready to sign up for a class?  Awesome!

Use the following form to register and you'll receive an email confirmation once it has processed and you're successfully on the class roster. All classes and workshops are available unless (1) it is already sold out or (2) registration is being handled by a partner venue. The class description page will note if either is the case.

Want to extend your discount and add a kit purchase (if applicable) to your registration? Sure!

A few of our classes offer kits available during registration, including Block Printing, Loom Weaving, Wood Burning Pyrography, and Metal Stamping. The kit is optional and is a bag of goodies that includes tools, supplies, and instructions so you can continue the making fun when you get home! Once submitting the form you'll be taken to a page to place your discounted order for the kit and it will be available for pickup during class. You can also make the kit purchase during class.

Other classes have kits available for purchase only during class, including Macrame, Basket Weaving, Embroidery, and Paper Flowers and additional supplies such as glassware for etching and dyeable items for the Indigo Dye. Simply let us know your name and that you signed up using a Class Pack we'll give you the discount!

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