A Weaving Journey - Featured Student Work


Our goal with Assembly craft classes and workshops is to provide a fun, approachable, and social learning experience for our students and to pique their interest in potential new creative hobbies (or more!). We realize that for some people, they just want to have the class experience and try something new. Maybe never doing the craft again... and that's fine! But for others, the class will send them off on a new path of discovery and passion!  


Abby, a recent student in our Beginner's Loom Weaving Class shared with us her weaving journey:

"I'd been eyeing macrame classes for some time, but was intrigued by the weaving class because of the diversity of color, texture and technique options. After my class with Assembly I had enough basic skills to start exploring further on my own. It's been about a month since my class and I think I've woven every single day since! It's so relaxing and creative - I've been exploring with different types of fibers, practicing new techniques and playing around to find my own style. Thanks to Liz and Noelle for a great start to what I hope will be many weaves to come!"


Check out more of her amazing recent work below!

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Weaving Workshop in Portland


April 8, 2017 // Beginner's Weaving Workshop

Our SOLD OUT (thanks everyone!) Beginner's Weaving Class on 4/8 in Portland taught students the basic stitches to create a modern woven wall hanging. During this evening workshop, students gained the confidence and skills to continue practicing this beautiful and relaxing art form. Most weavers took advantage of the option to purchase the loom kit to make more masterpieces at home! Our handy handout ensured that the ancient weaving techniques could be passed down for generations to come... err, or at least until students moved on to another craft :) 

It was an evening filled with new and familiar faces and tons of fun!

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