Write_On April Letter Writing Challenge

Did you know that April is National Letterwriting Month? Well, it is.  And we, Liz and Brian of Assembly, wanted to get in the habit of writing and sending more handwritten correspondence to friends and family, including those in the Assembly crafty community!  


To kick-start this habit we joined Write_On, a mission driven campaign "to promote joy, creativity, expression, and connection through hand-written correspondence." Organized by  Egg Press and Hello!Lucky, the campaign provides free and low-cost stationary and kits to be used for folks challenging themselves to write 30 letters/cards in 30 days during April.

We would love to send you one of our  30 handwritten cards this month!  And challenge you to consider sending some of your own.

Would you like to receive one of our handwritten cards as part of the April Letter Writing Challenge? We will write to the first 30 people who respond.  

Please complete the form below. We promise to keep your personal information confidential and it will only be used for this purpose.

Update: May 1, 2017


We met our goal!  We happily mailed out our 30 cards this month to destinations as close as Portland and as far away as India!  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and we hope you enjoyed your friendly snail mail. Stay tuned for more monthly challenges to come.