Have an unconventional night out... and something to brag about the next day!

Assembly: gather+create offers hands-on modern craft & DIY workshops in various social spaces in the Portland, Oregon area. Grab a drink and come join us!

Learn new skills and make something with your hands in a fun social environment. The craft workshops and events are perfect for beginners and designed to empower your creativity and pique your interest in potential new hobbies.

Anyone can try to learn something online or from a book. With Assembly, you'll have a fun night out with all the instruction, materials, and tools necessary for you to complete a project that you will be proud of… all you need to do is show up! Come by yourself, bring a friend, or even a date. It's hard to go wrong when you're enjoying a drink and making cool stuff.

School’s in session at Assembly… we look forward to meeting you soon!


Founders / Teaching Artists


Liz Wright

Originally from Ohio, Liz Rosino Wright has a long and varied history of creative projects and pursuits.  Growing up, her summers were spent working as a portrait and airbrush artist at the local amusement park. She graduated with a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and founded Craftin' Outlaws, an alternative craft fair in Columbus, OH, that currently attracts thousands. Her interest in small creative businesses blossomed and soon after she built a successful handmade clothing and handpainted housewares line, Lucky Kat.  Now she is the boss lady behind the Blue Diamond Stamp Co., a line of handmade custom clear stamps and related supplies. She holds an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Washington and has worked on the development of numerous exhibitions and educational programs. She considers herself a lifelong learner and enjoys the challenges and thrills of learning a new skill and supporting others to do the same. 


Brian Wright

Born in Portland, Brian has played drums in over 30 Northwest bands and has performed on around 50 albums, TV shows, and film scores. His love of DIY spans from music to crafts and everything in between. Brian's love of crafts started with altering and repairing his clothing on a vintage Kenmore sewing machine. He spent a day watching Youtube videos just learning how to thread the machine! Brian holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts and appreciates all things unconventional.

Liz and Brian live in northeast Portland. 


Guest Teaching Artists


Megan Eckman designs approachable embroidery for modern stitchers as the head designer and owner of Studio MME. After graduating from art school, she turned her talents to helping others embrace their inner creativity. Her whimsical embroidery kits are sold all over the country and in 2016 she partnered with DMC to create a custom line of embroidery kits for their Commonthread collection. She currently lives just outside Portland. And no, she can’t sew a French knot to save her life.  Recent class: Embroidery 101 Class


Lauren Morse is a backyard homesteader living in Milwaukie, OR. She spent the past three years managing the Portland Homestead Supply Co., helping students and customers alike embark on homesteading projects. Her experience with lotion making began as a way to relieve her sensitive-skinned hands from the rough work of farming. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and infusing creativity into all of her homemade products. And she has a secret to share: making your own body products is not only cheaper than buying them at the store, you can also make them better suited to your own skin-care needs! Recent class: DIY Natural Lotions and Balms Class